Maximise the potential of your workplace to support your greatest asset – your people – with strategies and solutions that increase engagement, adapt to change, optimise space usage, while lowering real estate costs.

Our team of strategists, designers, analysts and change specialists provide guidance to enable your people to work in a way that suits them best. We create, implement and evolve workplace strategies and programs that align with the goals of your business and accommodate the changing needs of your workforce. You can rely on us to guide you through that change and execute it flawlessly, so you can stay focused on your core business.

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workplace advisory services

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Workplace Advisory Services

Workplace Strategy • Interior Design • Workplace Change Management • Portfolio Management & Analytics • Relocation Services

The nature of work is changing rapidly putting pressure on companies to change and adapt. Today, top talent seeks out employers who recognise and support their needs. You can rely on our expertise, technology and accountable design approach to help you create workplace strategies that will inspire and motivate the people who actually work in them, now and in the future. Our approach incorporates ongoing measurement to continuously improve potential and also considers the efficiencies and the flexibility you need to future-proof your workplace

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Workplace Management Services

Workplace Management Programs • Drawing Management • Occupancy Management • Moves, Adds, Changes (MAC) Management • Space Planning

As companies today react to changes in the workforce they need a partner they can trust to help them evolve, even long after the initial move-in is complete. Your business needs reliable, accurate drawings and occupancy data to make sure changes in your workplace are implemented smoothly. So we pay attention to the details in as-built drawings to ensure that your buildings and spaces are up to date. And our workplace experts track changes in your occupancy and utilisation, so space plans and layouts can be developed and optimised to meet the changing needs of your business and people. And when it comes time to move, we manage a streamlined process that limits downtime and enhances your employees’ experience.

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