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BGIS manages a range of corporate property portfolios across multiple sectors ensuring our client's core business is at all times supported by their real estate and physical infrastructure.

Assets under management include office, retail, industrial, service stations, sub-stations, clinics, data centres, airport lounges, and telecommunication sites. We manage high profile office workplaces across all CRE sectors including a number of major HQ facilities.

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Oil, Gas and Resources

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Oil, Gas and Resources

Our experience in the oil, gas and resources sectors covers many National accounts dealing with complex environments and stringent safety and risk compliance protocols.

Australia is one of the most resource rich countries with significant Oil, Gas and natural resources in the world. A significant element of Australia’s export offering, which is imperative the growth of a strong economy and economic future.

With a diverse range of experiences and clients within this sector, BGIS is able to demonstrate strong, reliable and sustainable support in the provision of property, facilities and asset management.

Supporting major Australian companies, and also in the countries for which they operate globally, coupled with local and international Oil & Gas brands in the supply and distribution of such commodities, BGIS is able to offer proven performance underpinned by uncompromising safety systems.

Our alignment with upstream delivery ensures that investments are protected by the provision of quality and responsive services so you can trust your portfolio is our highest priority.

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Financial and Professional Services

The Finance and Professional Services market encompasses a broad range of businesses managing money and finances through to provisioning professional advice to clients on a range of matters of law, accounting and marketing.

More and more our clients are looking for innovative, creative and flexible approaches to the management of their property portfolios. This includes adapting to meet industry workplace trends, with a focus on adaptable spaces and creating a versatile workplace which optimises the experience for the customers.

BGIS offer a range of integrated services within this market to a number of small, medium and large institutions and practices across Australia. Let us work with you to transform your spaces and management of services today.

Financial and professional services


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Electricity, Water and Gas are essential infrastructure which connects our economy.

BGIS have a proven track record in the delivery of Integrated Facilities Management Services within this market through long standing relationships with a number of Australia’s major public and private utility providers.

From poles and wires, sewage treatment plants to depots, BGIS apply a zero harm approach to the delivery of support services in these high risk and sometime volatile environments.

Understanding and appreciating the fundamental necessity for regular and uninterrupted supply of these utilities, ensures robust systems, policies and procedures are the comer stone of our management and delivery models.

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Technology and Data Centres

Your business relies on technology to run your processes and systems effectively. Our experience covers smart workplace and sustainability technology right through to specialists who manage critical environments across a wide range of sectors.

The growth of data centres has highlighted a need within both the private and public sectors for a specialist with the skills and experience to manage your most critical environments.

Our extensive experience within this sector with both major data houses and providers of critical support services, has paved the way for the development of a dedicated internal team of critical environment / data centre experts and Industry leaders.

Our technology is hosted on secure cloud servers with regular backups ensuring your data is secure and risks of downtime are eliminated.

With the experience, systems and people of BGIS, our clients can be assured of a centre for which uptime can be guaranteed and security assured.

Technology and Data Centres


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Transport is a critical element of economic development both nationally and internationally with effective and efficient transport being essential for development and maintenance of communities. With expensive experience in the management of major warehouse, logistics properties, major rail and road infrastructure, national airlines and airport infrastructure, BGIS is well positioned to support this vital market.

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Corporate HQ

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Corporate Headquarters


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