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Innovation: LED upgrade initiative

Innovation: LED upgrade initiative

Australian Government Department of Defence

The LED upgrade project first commenced in 2019 upgrading the traditional incandescent lighting in a carpark with energy efficient and cost-effective LED lights. Realising the wide scale benefits, including environmental, performance and safety aspects, BGIS have expanded the LED project across ten Department of Defence sites, including several live-in accommodation rooms, offices and messes. In partnership with Bennelong Energy Services, over 74 LED lighting upgrade projects have been delivered since 2019, with over 10,500 LED lights upgraded and installed, resulting in the reduction of 6,221,388 kWh, equating to a cost saving on energy consumption on an annual basis.

The LED upgrade initiative has transformed over the past few years from an initiative, to a project and a evolved into mainstream business as usual for BGIS.

The impact so far:

  • 10,500+ lights upgraded to LED
  • Increased customer morale on an aging estate, through improved occupant comfort in living and working environments
  • Reduction in the number of customer driven, reactive work orders, through the proactive replacement of light fittings
  • Reduction in WHS risk such as trips and falls, in previously dimly lit areas
  • Assisting in meeting our client’s sustainability targets, in line with Government targets by 2030