Our Climate Positive aim is reduce greenhouse gas emissions on-site, operate in a low carbon manner and support the built environment to grow in environmentally sustainability and economically viable ways.

Through our products and services, leadership in sustainable operations and community involvement, together we make the world better.

Green Energy Ratings

Our vision for a more sustainable future

Will be achieved by creating a net-positive impact from our operations on the planet and assisting our clients in doing the same. We believe our vision and leadership will inspire our clients, shareholders, suppliers, competitors, and other industries to follow our lead, and contribute to a more prosperous and sustainable future for all.

Living sustainability is a core value

Integrating social and environmental responsibility into all of our operations; constantly striving to create positive change in our society and our natural environment.

Integrating the ‘E’ in HSEQ


Commitment to the planet

BGIS focuses on the protection of the environment through sustainable resource use, energy and emission reduction, pollution prevention, protection of biodiversity and ecosystems, and climate change mitigation. This is supported and driven by our ISO 14001:2015 certified environmental management system and Global Environmental Policy.

Introduce initiatives to achieve Sustainable Development Goals

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