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What we do

We are a technology enabled, technically led global integrated facilities management provider focused on delivering disruptive business solutions for our clients, through a culture of caring, innovation and high-performance. With a rich engineering background, a commitment to sustainability and service excellence, BGIS ensures that our clients’ real estate assets are operating optimally to support the people who use them.


We are proud to receive recognition from our clients and the industries in which we operate.

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BGIS New Zealand

BGIS has over 25 years' history in New Zealand and is regarded as one of New Zealand’s leading providers of integrated facilities management.

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Commitment to safety

The safety and well‐being of our team members is deeply rooted in our operating philosophy. BGIS is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of workplace injuries and ill health, in addition to the training and resources provided.

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Indigenous engagement

Our vision is to continue to create opportunities within our business and sector that will lead to positive economic, social and education outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities across Australia.

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Our people solve problems through diverse thinking and innovation, to deliver places that work now and for the future.

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Leadership team

We’re a passionate team of industry leading experts with dedication and continued focus to provide sustainable and innovative real estate service solutions for our clients.

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Our brands

In addition to our BGIS brand, we offer clients the services of other BGIS companies to meet their changing requirements.

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People, culture and values

We believe that success is founded on a diverse workplace with different strengths, skills, cultural backgrounds and ideas. Our team brings a wide range of perspectives that enable innovation and change, leading us to excel in our industry.

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Our policies and compliance

ISO standards map out a framework that our organisation has followed to set up our management systems. At BGIS, we have achieved external certification for ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment).

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Sustainability and social responsibility

At BGIS, we are committed and invested in creating impactful change. We work relentlessly to implement sustainability throughout our business by promoting environmental, social and governance awareness in everything we do.

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Trade Licences

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As a result of our many years of service to the Australian Defence Force (ADF), BGIS attracts veterans and spouses, and many civilians with family connections to the military. We offer a range of job and career opportunities and the ability to transfer with posting cycles.

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Sectors we serve

With a diverse client portfolio, BGIS offers innovative solutions across many industries.

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Our services

BGIS delivers services to a wide range of industry sectors globally and provides expertise that best serves the current and future needs of our clients.

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