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For many of our clients, innovation is at the forefront of their corporate strategy, and they look to us for new ideas to drive efficiencies and cost savings, as well as sustainability outcomes.

We know there is always a better way.​

We encourage change and seek the opportunity it brings. Our people solve problems through diverse thinking and innovation, to deliver places that work now and for the future.​ Whether it’s energy saving lighting, protecting oceans from plastic waste or reducing carbon emissions from a building, we are constantly innovating for our clients.

100+ innovation forums

Passion for innovation is one of our core values. We showcase our innovations in monthly forums, presenting ideas and collaborating with colleagues.

300+ innovative case studies

At BGIS, we share solutions across our business through an extensive library of innovative case studies that have been trialled and tested.

1000+ innovative initiatives

We work with our clients to identify areas in their business where innovation can be applied and have over 1000 innovative and continuous improvement initiatives logged by APAC region.

Recycling tyres into paving

An award-winning innovation solution, Flexiroc, a recycled tyre rubber as a sustainable alternative to traditional aggregates. It has 100 times more flex than concrete and is 30% less dense with enhanced energy-absorbing characteristics, resulting in lighter, thinner structures that are faster and cheaper to construct. Depending on the application, the aggregate mix is adjusted to suit. A trial at Holsworthy Barracks, along with several other projects, has resulted in 17.5% of Defence’s annual tyre waste, diverted from landfill. In this video BGIS, Veolia and Security and Estate Group talk about this exciting collaboration.

Seabin technology reducing debris

BGIS introduced Floating sea bins that collect waste and debris that float across the surface of the ocean. This initiative collects rubbish generated from within Sydney harbour and neighbouring properties and aligns with the client’s sustainable practices, as well as protecting their reputation.

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Sea Bins

Real-scale walkthrough technology

We deployed real-scale walkthrough technology on a retail fit-out project for HBF, which resulted in significant reductions in time and costs, and increased customer engagement.


At BGIS, we’re proud to receive the recognition from our clients and industries in which we operate, showcasing our innovations.

Our Awards
  • Department of Defence Base Services Contractor Awards – Innovation of the year 2023
  • RICS – Innovation Award 2023

Global Innovation Council

BGIS has established a Global Innovation Council that supports the BGIS business in enabling innovation globally. The Global Innovation Council is committed to ongoing improvement and innovation to keep abreast of the changes created by an increasingly fast, smart, and connected world. The Global Innovation Council drives strategy, process, and leverages off our innovation supporting platforms to achieve this goal.

The Global Innovation Council believes in progressive leadership—leaders who recognise that their job is to be a vehicle for maximising BGIS employees’ effectiveness. Therefore, we ensure we remain consistent in our decision-making, whilst maximising our resources to achieve the highest possible outcome leveraging off innovation and continuous improvement.

Global Innovation Council

Key Contact

Jack Panada

Jack Panada

Innovation Manager - APAC & Defence