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Trusted to manage critical environments

BGIS has a global portfolio of clients who rely on us to ensure their facilities operate without disruption at optimum conditions. With our teams first-hand knowledge of critical infrastructure, our clients trust us to provide critical facility management, consulting and commissioning services.


More resilience, more reliability

BGIS’ service offering spans the entire lifecycle of a critical environment, offering a range of operational support and consultancy services. We conduct building condition inspections, operational assessments & audits, capital asset planning, utility reporting & analytics, and commissioning for your critical environment.

Initial planning

BGIS offers a complete range of commissioning services for critical environments of all sizes. We will verify and document that your facility meets all of the requirements and regulations of your business.

Strategic development

From planning to data centre commissioning, through operations and ongoing project support, to decommissioning. BGIS has the most comprehensive suite of critical operations services in the industry.

Maintenance programs

Our experts can put together a comprehensive predictive and preventive maintenance program to suit your needs and budget. With our extensive knowledge of mission-critical facility operations, we know what is necessary to keep your facility up and running.


Critical environments

We provide end-to-end critical environment services with our specially-trained engineers, facility managers and technicians committed to keeping your business running without interruption. We manage operating theatres, data centres, laboratories, security rooms and power utilities.

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  • Full commissioning, design review & transition management
  • Operational & risk assessments
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) management tools & CMMS platform
  • Strategic maintenance services
  • Capacity expansion & modernisation


Design review • Factory witness testing • Installation quality assurance/quality control • Vendor startup coordination & support • Functional commissioning • Integrated system commissioning • Project closeout • Procedure creation & turnover • Electrical testing & strategic maintenance services • Load bank and NETA testing • Cooling optimisation • Re-commissioning & Retro-commissioning

Our commissioning of your critical environment equipment will enhance quality, reduce risk and costs, improve value and accelerate your speed-to-market. BGIS’ experts deliver integrated systems commissioning that allow you and your team to function efficiently across the entire data centre lifecycle and optimally balance the total cost of ownership with reliability and availability.

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GCET professional services

Gray & white space operational and risk assessments • Due diligence work • Pre-purchase work • Site-specific training & development • Operational standards management • Procedure development & standardisation • Incident analysis & reporting • Technical project management • Energy management & vigilant system deployment • Maintenance triage & back-up support • Remote monitoring & response

Get support in training, development and overall maintenance of your facilities by our Global Critical Environments Team (GCET) made up of subject matter experts who perform multiple operational support and strategic consulting services.

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DCIM management tools

Eliminate siloed data sources • Instantly tracks any device • View full history of data centres and capacitates • Find and remove underutilised equipment • Maximise rack capacities • Visualise spaces and rack elevations in 3D • Mobile data access • Collaborate with team members

Enhance your productivity by delivering unmatched functionality with a rapid return on investment using Cormant-CS, BGIS’ best-in-class Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software. With continuous customer use for over 18 years, Cormant-CS enables you and your team to achieve long-term success.

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BGIS Vision

Remote troubleshooting • Project evaluations & walk-throughs • Assistance for technicians • Drill evaluations • Remote commissioning • Remote safety evaluations • Training & mentoring • Other consulting activities

BGIS Vision is a realwear hands-free remote collaboration headset. This product allows one of our offsite team members with expertise to troubleshoot remotely, while having a live visual and audio connection with the attending technician on-site. This product has been created to be operable in industrial environments and compatible with PPE and other safety requirements.

BGIS Vision - man wearing realwear headset

Key contact

Nicholas Blackwood

Nicholas Blackwood

Regional Head of Critical Environments