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Government and justice

BGIS offers a range of facilities management services, asset management, project delivery services, and energy and sustainability solutions that can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Value Proposition

Customised delivery to meet unique requirements

BGIS provides unique and specific facilities management services for government and justice. With a robust variety of public and private partnerships, BGIS provides integrated facilities management for high profile public facilities, including healthcare, data centres, courthouses, detention and correctional centres.

Accountability and advocacy

By drawing upon our experience, we help our government partners achieve key priorities, such as sustainability, and diversity & inclusion.

Asset lifecycle management

Extend the life and reduce the total cost of ownership of assets due to the attention we give to planning and budgeting, resulting in proper funding of maintenance programs and capital investments.

Operational risk reduction

BGIS understands the unique complexities of the sector, minimising operational risks to ensure your facility runs smoothly, providing the best value of service.


Government and justice

BGIS provides a full spectrum of services, delivering customised and detailed specifications to your facility.

Optimised maintenance & asset planning

Deployment of our industry-leading program will result in reduced life-cycle costs of assets, increased equipment availability due to reduced downtime and a decrease in maintenance risks due to potential failure. Our engineering team uses industry best practices to optimise maintenance requirements of each system and asset type.

Prioritising sustainability gains in all services

BGIS assists clients in meeting sustainability commitments with a focus on aggressively reducing GHG emissions and potable water consumption, reducing energy use, as well as implementing strategies to achieve zero waste.

Prioritising Sustainability

Alignment to public policy and government priorities

BGIS has the experience to understand the need to be agile and flexible to meet governments’ evolving priorities. Our flexibility enables us to meet your needs while balancing availability of public funds, and supporting government specific mandates through innovation and best practices.

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