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Our Sectors

BGIS delivers services to a wide range of industry sectors globally and provides expertise that best serves the current and future needs of our clients. With over 25 years of experience, our sector-specific solutions help companies and organisations excel with innovative and sustainable results.

Aged care

While our clients in the aged care providers sector focus on their residents and clients, we focus on the health of their facilities. We work alongside clients to ensure their properties are operating effectively 24/ 7.

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Data centres

We offer critical environment solutions in the real estate industry. Our technical experts will optimise your business’ performance while monitoring and maintaining your working environment to ensure safety and mitigate risks.

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BGIS proudly supports the Australian Government Department of Defence and our Defence industry client, BAE Systems with facilities and asset management, project and construction management and sustainability solutions.

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From K-12 to higher education facilities, we work alongside education providers to ensure their facilities are supporting the student and teacher community.

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Financial services

We focus on optimising your building portfolio to reduce costs and enhance customer experience. We can support you across a broad geographic footprint with integrated facilities and trades solutions.

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Government and justice

BGIS is proud to be well versed in governmental and judicial affairs and understand the unique and specific facilities needs of each area that we operate in.

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At BGIS, we partner with leading healthcare facilities worldwide to improve the patient care experience. We work closely with every client to implement innovative and technically led solutions.

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Oil, gas and resources

BGIS provides services to the retail, oil, and gas industry. Our highly skilled professionals are knowledgeable in complex environments and stringent safety and risk compliance protocols.

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Social housing

BGIS is proud of its footprint in the housing sector, providing essential and programmed maintenance to large Government portfolios. Safety, compliance and technical excellence at the forefront of our delivery offering.

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Stadia and venues

Stadiums, convention centres and other major venues are unique buildings with unique challenges that require innovative and responsive teams to ensure the buildings meet ever-changing requirements.

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BGIS has extensive experience with major transport providers, primary warehouse, logistics properties, major rail and road infrastructure, national airlines and airport infrastructure.

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Electricity, water and gas are essential infrastructures for any economy. At BGIS, we remain a reliable and trusted partner to ensure that these services remain up and running for our people, businesses, and communities.

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State of the art solutions

BGIS offers customisable and tailored solutions, ensuring sustainable value for clients and communities.

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