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A community and culture built around caring.

Home to a diverse group of individuals, our team of 2000+ within the APAC region, comprise of people from many different cultures and nationalities, with a multitude of personal and professional backgrounds.


At BGIS, our values are at the core of everything we do. Our values encourage behaviours essential to positively impacting our clients, team members, environment, and communities.

Living sustainably

Integrating social and environmental responsibility into all of our operations; constantly striving to create positive change in our society and our natural environment.

Passion for innovation

Being resourceful in trying new approaches when solving problems, seeking ideas or suggestions from others and gathering information, in order to improve processes, methods, systems and services; embracing new technologies and being the first to find applications for them in our industry.

Safer Together

BGIS prioritises the safety of our people, vendors, clients and the communities in which we operate, through living our core safety values together. Our goal is to drive a culture of zero injuries, as a result of our activities and operational performance.

Unwavering integrity

Behaving in an honest, fair and ethical manner, showing consistency in words and actions; modelling high standards of ethics in order to build commitment and buy-in for decisions made in the best interest of all stakeholders.

Memorable customer experience

Consistently anticipating customer’s needs, and proactively identifying and addressing opportunities for improvement; making every customer contact a positive and memorable experience.

Team member engagement

Sharing wins and successes in terms of the whole team; fostering open dialogue; creating a feeling of belonging within the team in order to help team members feel connected and vested in the company.

Our culture

We know people are the most productive when they feel valued and have the satisfaction of doing meaningful work. At BGIS, we understand the importance of creating a stimulating work environment for our employees to thrive. We pride ourselves on being an organisation that encourages a healthy work-life balance.

BGIS Employee holding a ladder next to a van with BGIS branding

Our people

The ground-breaking work we deliver wouldn’t be possible without our talented and dedicated team of individuals. As we continue to push forward for change and shape the future of the real estate industry, we are dedicated to creating an environment where our employees can constantly thrive and achieve lasting success.

A man and woman working together in an office

Gender diversity

BGIS is committed to providing a culture that fosters diversity and inclusion across all levels of the business. Our Gender Diversity Committee focuses on ensuring gender balance through inclusive attraction and employee experience. We are proud of our progress, but we look forward to our continued progress in this space and maintaining our status as a leader in gender equality.

Gender Pay Gap Employer Statement