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Entertainment & Hospitality Group improve their buildings’ performance

Entertainment & Hospitality Group improve their buildings’ performance

Entertainment and Hospitality Group


One of Australia’s most prestigious hotel groups (Owns and manages several hotel brands) engaged HFM to undertake various projects across their portfolio to help them streamline their maintenance planning processes and improve their buildings’ performance.


Collecting and collating current and historical energy and maintenance records for each location was an enormous undertaking, aided by the relevant teams and corporate office personnel HFM was able to produce baseline performance measurements in line with industry-accepted measurement and energy auditing standard.


  • Building performance improvement across portfolio
  • Prevent maintenance issues
  • Reduce costs
  • Streamline maintenance communication.


Building efficiency requires continual assessment and strategies for improvement, HFM implemented its Roadmap (Review/ Verify / Comply / Procure / Perform / Improve) across this hotel group’s portfolio (more than 28 hotels) in various locations across Australia & New Zealand to help them achieve the goals.

In summary, the services provided to this hotel group include:

  • POMEC (Property Operations Maintenance and Energy Costs) Benchmarking
  • Site Audits & Investigations
  • Implementation and Training of myBuildingsTM (Cloud-based Asset Management Software)
  • Tendering of Service Agreements
    • Fire Services
    • Hydraulic Services
    • HVAC/Mechanical Services
    • Electrical Services
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Ongoing reporting / health check


Electricity Procurement:

The implementation of these projects helped the client obtain key insights about the building performance of their hotels across Australia & New Zealand. Fund Forecasts were developed for the site allowing the owners to start developing their Reserve Fund Plan.

Some of the key findings include:

  • Establishing baseline costs which can be measured against future expenditure in the properties. This also allows the property managers to get a better understanding of the distribution of costs within their properties including R&M, energy usage water usage, maintenance etc.
  • Obtained relevant data about the current operational status, condition of the respective equipment and machinery and their contractual status
  • A monitoring system has been implemented across all properties to measure and monitor Electricity, Gas & Water. Monthly reports are completed by HFM team members and provided to the respective hotel managers highlighting any anomalies in consumption (where applicable).
  • Improvement recommendations have been prepared individually for each of the relevant sites.
  • As a result of the implementation and training of myBuildingsTM (Cloud-Based Asset Management Software) across their portfolio, key information of each hotel
    is now captured into a central register, including items such as:

    • Detailed asset register of all major plant and equipment
    • Service provider details
    • Primary contact details
    • Term of their agreements
    • Any notifications requirements for the rollover period
    • Contractor induction process
    • Document management system
    • System to manage insurances
    • Schedule maintenance for all major plant and equipment