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Innovation: Mobile HEPA filtration cart

Innovation: Mobile HEPA filtration cart

Monash Health - Casey Hospital




Accessing and maintaining assets within critical environments whilst they remain in operation can be challenging when undertaking works in these areas due to dust and infection control risks. Trying to mitigate these risks manually can lead to extensive downtimes and disruptive to the hospital operators.

BGIS’ team at Casey Hospital investigated and procured a mobile HEPA Filtration Cart from IC Disinfection in the USA. The HEPA Filtration Cart is a portable containment, equipped with side panels for wall works and extendable walls to reach various ceiling heights, a built in HEPA Filtration unit, and a 8 foot ladder for higher access, which allows technicians to create a sealed working environment, no longer requiring to set up portable walls or hoarding.

The HEPA Cart manages infections control issues, improves accessibility and reduces cleaning requirements, which in turn minimises technicians time to set up manual infection control processes and reduces the downtime of that area in the hospital. The HEPA cart is stored easily, enabling flexibility for technicians to move the cart around the hospital’s facilities.