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Building improvements

Transform your property into a high-performing asset with optimal resource managements.

Energy and water efficiency solutions

We’ll help you maximise the efficiency of your existing assets, formulate recommendations for future upgrades and implement renewable energy systems at your site to reduce costs and your reliance on grid supplied electricity. With our in-house engineering, experience and market-leading technology; we measure, improve and monitor the environmental performance
of assets, companies and processes across Australia to make them more efficient.

Our services include:
• Energy procurement – secure the best energy rates, negotiate key terms and save money.
• Energy and water audit – allocate your resources to save energy and water costs.
• Water and energy consulting – customised solutions to improve building performance, optimise efficiency and reduce costs.
• Energy management plan – customised to reduce energy consumption and achieve targets.
• Utilities monitoring platform – monitor utilities and CO2 via a powerful cloud-based monitoring and reporting platform.

Commercial buildings

Key Contact

Beth Morris

Beth Morris

Team Leader - Building Improvement, HFM