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COVID-19 and Adaptive Triggering: Knowing When to Retreat from the Office

18 September 2020

As businesses adapt and work through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, most have been focused on and planning for re-entry to the workplace, building out processes, guidelines and training programs for employees to facilitate re-occupancy and ensure safety. However, given the uncertainty of when the virus will be eliminated and the inevitability of a second or third wave, organisations need to establish a plan and framework to manage a retreat from the office, if necessary.

In this white paper, titled ‘COVID-19 and Adaptive Triggering: Knowing When to Retreat from the Office’, we outline a framework and methodology to help your organisation develop a plan and make an informed decision about when to invoke a workplace retreat, which includes:

  • How can we adapt our offices to the changing demands of COVID-19?
  • What triggers indicate we may need to adapt?
  • What are the necessary steps to adapt to each phase?
  • What are the impacts to our business and our employees?

To view the full white paper, click HERE.