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Desk-booking Technology

Desk bookings
14 December 2020

Do you remember when checking into a venue was simply about updating your Facebook status to show off the meal you were eating or the trip you were on? Today, checking in is all about QR codes, followed by liberal application of hand sanitiser and adherence to physical distancing rules. As organisations revive their office spaces in 2021, the requirement to balance COVID-safe plans with gradually increasing workplace populations is rising.

The use of workplace data has grown in recent years as companies optimise spaces to provide better workplace experiences. Now, workplace management teams and landlords will be increasingly looking to data, insights and technology to help keep employees safe as they reopen the office doors.

As is always the case with the workplace, there is no one size fits all, especially for those businesses that may not have the physical space available to accommodate their workforce. BGIS Workplace Solutions team recently reviewed some of the latest desk-booking tools being implemented across Australian corporates. From the ability to control office capacity and ensure physical distancing to user-friendliness, the Workplace Solutions team has considered all aspects to help you manage new ways of working after COVID-19.

BGIS will be trialling these products at its head office in World Square throughout 2021. If you’d like to know more, please contact Scott Meertens, Head of Workplace Experience.