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IC5 Data Centre for Government Facility

IC5 Data Centre for Government Facility

Government Facility



On behalf of Macquarie Data Centres, AREA3 project managed the construction of a Tier IV, SCEC Zone 5 ready data centre, purpose-built to house secure information for the Australian government. Built to compliment the existing IC4 centre, the new facility offers further capacity for Government cloud workloads and an additional secure facility to back up sensitive data. The state-of-the-art facility features the latest physical and virtual security and compliance credentials required to manage highly classified Government cloud workloads. Sustainability was also a key aspect of the project, including the use of solar and other renewables throughout the facilities operation.

The project was built on time with a tight 25 week timeframe and on budget. Challenges oevrcome included supply chain issues, delays due to pandemic restrictions, increased demand for electrical supply, adherence to Security Construction and Equipment Committee guidelines and bespoke power safeguards.

Project highlights:

  • Tier IV, SCEC Zone 5 ready data centre
  • Combined 4-megawatt (MW) facilities
  • Four kilometres of underground electrical conduit
  • 15 tonnes of copper cables
  • Five-tonne solar rooftop installation – entirety of the available roof space harnessing photo voltaic solar cells.